Hello dear reader. My name is Natan. I shape digital products and services — from conception to adoption by millions of people

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A fascination with computers led me to the intersection of design, information technology and markets. I feel at home when I am close to their cutting edge, where sparks of innovation fly around. A classic start-up story, really…

First you crawl. I did it in a marketing agency bootcamp. It trained me to design for conversion and optimise for retention. 3/5 stars; would do it again.
Eventually, you learn to walk. One day, miles deep in the venture jungle I realised: you either design for acquisition and optimise for ROI or it is game over.
Nowadays I run about:blank studio. Back to square one and baby steps though. The challenge this time is to design for adoption and optimise for sustainability.

During the day I am in the studio making hits, during the night I lead partners developing a new model for incubation of startups in the EU

Sometimes I have visions of killer features or game-changing UX improvements.
Most times I work with other makers and entrepreneurs on materialising theirs.
I always do everything in my power to produce ethical no-bullshit software that performs well and is pleasure to use.

Thank you for stopping by and scrolling along. Let’s connect to talk more about:blank