I’m a product leader with 15+ years of professional design experience. By practising both UX+UI design and product management, I’m able to analyse problems holistically and take solutions from idea to market.

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First, you crawl

I started in a marketing agency boot camp. The drill of being creative under pressure, working for clients in different industries, and seeing behind the media curtain taught me invaluable lessons. They are the foundation of my generalist design skillset and penchant for bold brands.

Some of my work received festival and online awards — the most prestigious of them The Webby Awards Honoree.

Eventually, you learn to walk

Later, I worked freelance with several prominent European entrepreneurs and investors during my MA studies at Central Saint Martins. After that, I joined Celtra, where I was responsible for R&D-oriented projects and managing a multidisciplinary team as VP of Product.

A few of my finest moments:

Nowadays I run

about:blank studio

Product design consulting for start-ups.


Browser extension that saves tabs and hours of time.

I live and work in sunny London, UK. Originally from Slovenia. I have a thing for books, electronic music, surfing, and coffee.

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