I shape digital products from conception to adoption. In practice, that means I relentlessly pursue UX, technology, and business insights to make complex software systems useful and easy to use.

Twenty years ago, my fascination with computers began to lead me towards the intersection of applied arts, information technology and fast-growing markets. I feel at home when I am close to their cutting edge, where sparks of innovation fly around.

First, you crawl

I did it in a marketing agency boot camp. The experiences trained me to be creative on demand, provided insight into different industries, and expanded my know-how into print, video, and 3D production. They are the foundation of my generalist skillset and penchant for bold brands.

Eventually, you learn to walk

As I was earning my stripes as a UX/UI designer, I started a few side-hustles and got into product management by necessity.

They say good design can only happen if given a seat at the proverbial table. What designers often fail to realise is that the invitation is reserved for those willing to take responsibility for business results. I failed plenty before learning how to successfully balance form, function, and commercials.

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Nowadays I run

about:blank studio, Product design consulting for start-ups

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